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Tote Scoop6 Scoop 6

Tote Scoop6

Large Jackpot expected this Saturday

Scoop 6 (Scoop6) is the fantastic bet from Betfred. A £2 bet gives you a chance to win a fortune , over £1 million in recent weeks!

The challenge is to select all six winners from six selected televised races during Saturday meetings.

Betfred Tote Pool Scoop6 Information

Massive prize up for grabs today
Race details and more info here.

The Tote Scoop6 races for this Saturday -


Saturday’s totescoop6 races

Click here to bet on Scoop 6 now ( FREE £25 bet for new customers)

If you meet this challenge you will win a share of the scoop6 win fund, which can be over £1 million, and will also get the chance to play for the scoop6 bonus fund by picking the winner of a race the following Saturday.

Even if you fail to select all six winners you can win a share of the scoop6 place fund if your selections place in each of the races. Even this lower prize paid out over £1000 per winner on 15 occasions during 2013. All this for a £2 stake!

Scoop6 Rollovers, better that the National Lottery?

In a similar way to how the National Lottery works, if any of the Scoop6 (aka Scoop 6) funds aren't won (either win fund, place pot or bonus fund) on a particular week their value is rolled over to the following week. Like the lottery, this means some massive prize funds are up for the taking from time to time.

Unlike the lottery, the Scoop6 (aka Scoop 6) can be played as a game of skill. By using you knowledge of horses you can increase your odds of winning.

The Scoop6 has the additional benefit of not being all over within a minute. With races spread over around an hour and a half of the afternoon, and televised live on Channel4, you get a lot more enjoyment from your stake. Click here to bet on Scoop 6 now.

This Saturday you could win over £1 MILLION on the Scoop6!

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